Welcome to the CAFTAN Research Study

A new plant-based treatment for Anorexia Nervosa in young persons

We are recruiting for an important new research study in young persons that are about to initiate Maudsley Family Based Treatment, to see whether an adjunct plant-based medicine can assist treatment outcomes in anorexia nervosa.

You may be interested in this study if you are a:

To qualify for the study, the young person will need to be nearing the start or prepared to commence Maudsley Family Based Treatment for the first time

The young person will need to initiate Maudsley Family Based treatment with a therapist in the community

The young person needs to be under the ongoing care of a medical practitioner who will medically monitor them for the duration of the study

The study will investigate the effects of a new plant-based treatment on anxiety (every day for 3 months)

The plant based medication is non-intoxicating. The young person will not get a “high” from the treatment.

The study medication will be provided and delivered free of charge

The study is only recruiting NSW residents